Academic Methology

School Transport is available on additional charges. The details can be obtained from the school office. Though adequate care is taken for safety of the children, the school is not responsible for any accident, mishap or injury during travel. Students using school transport will maintain discipline in the bus and any student who breaks this rule will be given two warnings after which he/she will be de-barred from using the school Transport facility. Students indulging in aggressive or violent behavior will not be allowed to travel by school transport.

Parents will be requested to arrange their own conveyance for such students. For safe journey of school & back, the following rules are to be followed by the students:

1. Students can only get on/off at their fixed stops.
2. Students can only travel by their assigned buses. Even on request, students will not be permitted to do otherwise.
3. Once students board their respective vehicles they must not move out till they reach their point.
4. Maintain discipline in the bus so that the driver will not be distracted or disturbed.
5. Do not put your head or hands out of the bus/vehicle.