Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission
  • Develop students' skills to achieve the highest academic standard, grow in an analytical and healthy learning environment. Infuse positive attitude amongest young leaders to serve the nation.
  • We aim to add that extra brilliance to every fact of a child’s personality which will help him or her to stand apart.
  • An education which aims at flowering physical, emotional, & mental personality of each child.
  • To develop positive attitude towards protection of environment,natural resources and rich cultural heritage.
  • The first session starts from April 2012. Aim is to provide the children ample opportunity to grow and develop in a modern scientific way.

Our Vision
  • To create a seat of knowledge and a centre of excellence empowering the young minds to attain an academic excellence with an innovative approach towards learning.
  • We aim to create stimulating and engaging atmosphere which will enhance a child’s latent potentials.
  • To ensure academic excellence through intensive coaching by trained teaching staff.


Besides imparting academic educations the school’s aim is:-

1. To develop children physically, morally and socially.
2. To develop a national feeling in them and to become an ideal citizen of India.
3. To become a good human being.
4. To develop feeling of cooperation and social welfare.
5. Prepare children for various competition examinations.
6. Prepare good sports man.